Sunday, December 30, 2007

Duntrune Castle

Just a wee view from our recent on the picture to see it in more detail.


Nicole said...

either that's a really small castle or that's a really big hill :) either way it's a pretty picture

iainbrydon said...

Ta for the visit to my wee blog site Nicole...hope you're good and had a great Christmas & New Year?

As for the size of the castle...are you looking at the correct one..the castle is on the right..there is a wee building in the centre..but that is not the Castle :-)

Stephen Gardner said...

nice one man. you should be working for the tourist board , you make Scotland look so great.
Happy new year man.

iainbrydon said...

Ta Nicole...good to hear from you:-) Did you click on the picture to see the full size version....the castle doesn't look as small!

Happy New Year Steve.......ta for visiting.

Don McCallum said...

Thats a great photo. Duntrune is the ancestral home of my family and I have only seen pictures of it. Most try to fill the frame with the castle leaving most of the surroundings to one's imagination. This one, however, placed it in context very nicely. I hope you don't mind, but I saved your photo to my computer and plan to mske it my wallpaper on my desktop.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ian,
We were up that way just this week, but didn't manage to get as far as Duntrune. We were awestruck by Poltalloch, which is part of the Duntrune estate now. If you want a higher profile, are looking for pictures to fill in squares in their ordnance survey grid. Anyone can submit a picture, and you write a good background to the scene.
My husband is hoping to post the pictures he took of Poltalloch this weekend.

Pioneer said...

Like your work, Ian.
Ordnance Survey are trying to fit a picture of Scotland into each of its grid slots, and I see that there are seventeen waiting to be filled in a four kilometre range around Duntrune/Poltalloch.
Anyone can post - I have been in touch with them about an erroneous siting of Peden's Stone, and will be submitting a picture this weekend I hope.
The website you want is